Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Camera and Stuff

My old camera just plain pooped out. Bummer. New cameras (that actually work) aren't cheap. Lucky for me a friend who fancies photos, sold me one of his. And I am in LOVE with this new camera and what I'm able to capture on film, er um... memory card.

Although in true Meg fashion must show you all the first set of pics I took. I was still figuring out the lighting and speed and zooming, etc...failed to notice Bitty was having a bit of an issue. Ha! But I got in on camera. Way to go Meg!

Then the bebes and I went outside and had SO much fun on a lovely, warm, summer afternoon. It was a magical feeling with my perfect (to me) little girls galloping around the field and laughing and smiling. Love is in the air. My cup runeth over:

I haven't felt a peace like this in so long.

The world in spinning around me and I know well that hearts are heavy of loved ones, and others are bracing for yet another storm. Where I have been selfish about my own problems before, I can now open my eyes and give my prayers and love and dedication to something beyond me. Lead me Lord and I will follow.

Something is stirring in this soul of mine.


Jen said...

Meggie, your girls are gorgeous. I love how I can see so much of you in each of them. James too. But you're much prettier than James!

Lauren said...

savour this peace and happiness! I am so gratful tht you are getting a taste of it!

Gary said...

haha, i like the three shot action series of the little bitty, tossing up her lunch, but smiling all the way! Now that's sports photography! Great pics of the older bebes too.