Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thoughts from 9/23

1. Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10, but buns in lacks of 8? And the hamburgers I buy are packs of 6, but buns are packs of 8. =/ My OCD does not agree.

2. My weekends have been full for weeks now. And still no free ones in sight. This next one:Fri eve drive on Nat's drama field trip to Carmel, Sat go to a quiceƱera with Lu, then Sat eve Nick's bday BBQ, Sunday church then Sutter picnic. Following weekend friends from out of town and Emi's bday party. Nooooo problem.

3. What would you think if I told you our rental car's (BTW, we have a rental) i-pod sensor wasn't working so Lu stuck her finger in the outlet and now it works? But only when her finger's in there. And, no, no one else's finger worked. And, we did check, her big toe works too. Things that make you go hmmmmmm....

4. I am over entitled people, preachy-too good say one thing mean another churches, and those with big egoes who step all over the little people to get where they think they need to go.

5. I think dogs should learn to shit in the pot and wipe just.like.people. They are 'part of the family' after all, right?

6. Am a firm believer that bacon makes everything better. I even told the cafe guy this morn, and he agreed!

7. i think if you take your car in to get the brakes done, they should do them ALL or at least check that whatever set they don't change aren't about to blow.... in the next 200-300 miles.  Did I mention I have a rental?

 8. I think I missed my calling as a doctor, flight nurse, Disney princess, swing dancer, hot air balloon rider, musician , and stay at home foster mom.

9. Sometimes (a lot if times) when i look at people, i wonder what kind of animal they would have been in a past life. I had a boss who was a newt.

10. In 6 months I will have a 16 year old child... who I birthed! Like she is mine. Gaaahhhh..... what in the world??
11. Armpits totallllllly gross me out.

12. I think I found my next tattoo. Did you know I had a first one? Surprise!

13. Crafty Meg is a happy Meg

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 Facts

Because Stacie begged me to do this, and I said yes, but I'm not posting on FB. ;)

10 Facts About My Pregnancies

1. First pregnant at 18, delivered at 19. Very young and YES I would do it that way again. I was young enough to be oblivious to dumb dumb people who thought I needed their judgement.

2. Didn't know I was pregnant with Lulu til 5 months, yea it can happen!

3. Natalie thought her delivery needed to usurp my need for pancakes. Wrong! I ate the pancakes from the pancake breakfast on the 4th of July on the way to the hospital. Delivered her 15 minutes later. TYVM.

4. I had realllllllly bad morning sickness with all of the girls.

5. James gained more pregnancy weight than I did. :)

6. My mom died 10/20/06. I found out I was pregnant (again) on 2/12/07... my mom's first birthday after she died. And my due date was 10/20/07, the one year anniversary of mom's passing. I call Emi my angel baby for this reason. I feel like mom hand picked her and was there every step.

7. 2 epidural, 1 natural.

8. 1 post partum hemorrhage.

 9. I LOVED being pregnant. And would love to have another baby, (so would Nick.) But I think my baby days are over.

 10. If James had a boy, he wanted to name him Ticonderoga (like the pencil!) And call him Tike for short.