Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 Facts

Because Stacie begged me to do this, and I said yes, but I'm not posting on FB. ;)

10 Facts About My Pregnancies

1. First pregnant at 18, delivered at 19. Very young and YES I would do it that way again. I was young enough to be oblivious to dumb dumb people who thought I needed their judgement.

2. Didn't know I was pregnant with Lulu til 5 months, yea it can happen!

3. Natalie thought her delivery needed to usurp my need for pancakes. Wrong! I ate the pancakes from the pancake breakfast on the 4th of July on the way to the hospital. Delivered her 15 minutes later. TYVM.

4. I had realllllllly bad morning sickness with all of the girls.

5. James gained more pregnancy weight than I did. :)

6. My mom died 10/20/06. I found out I was pregnant (again) on 2/12/07... my mom's first birthday after she died. And my due date was 10/20/07, the one year anniversary of mom's passing. I call Emi my angel baby for this reason. I feel like mom hand picked her and was there every step.

7. 2 epidural, 1 natural.

8. 1 post partum hemorrhage.

 9. I LOVED being pregnant. And would love to have another baby, (so would Nick.) But I think my baby days are over.

 10. If James had a boy, he wanted to name him Ticonderoga (like the pencil!) And call him Tike for short.

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