Thursday, June 30, 2011


This life has been re-invaded by the crazies. Cute- yes. Crazy- Oh my goodness YES.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lest You Forget, Let Me Remind You...

... of my awesomeness. It's multiplying it seems. And not in a 'good' way, only in the 'Meg is awesome' kind of way.
In a matter of hours... roughly 24 of them... I successfully managed to:
  • thought I lost the keys to the car, but really had left them in the ignition, draining the battery DEAD
  • in an attempt to pre-heat the oven for biscuits, re-cooked (and dare I say...toasted to just under combustion) night before's pizza, AND pizza box
  • sat out in the pappa-son chair on the deck while talking on the phone. And the chair rocked a little. Deep in conversation, I was pleasantly surprised that this chair rocked, as I didn't not remember that. Cue me rocking backwards, and falling SO ungracefully off the chair, and its stationary stand. Right. Not a rocker. Just a little rocky is all.
ALL of this... with an audience. EACH and EVERY time. Plenty of them. Hoards of them, if you ask me.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Here's a lovely little pic of me and dad.... um.... 1989ish I think? He LOVED wearing that darned hat to my soccer games. And in this picture, made me wear it instead. At the time, I was perfectly happy to hide underneath it. Ha.

Then the girls and I went to a local store and picked out a few things to add to James' grave for Father's day. We added sea shells, some flowers, a new blue cross, a little angel..... and Emi insisted on adding a rooster (upper left corner.) :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Story of a Sickie: 2011 Version

Oy... dejavu? We were here a little over a year ago. Just. like. this.

Little Bitty has pneumonia again.

Poor little un-perky kiddo. Such a trooper. Such a little sickie. Such a dang little heater when her fever spikes.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Where to start? Where to start?
I've been seeing someone for a while now, which has seemed weird to share with many people. So I've kept it mostly to myself and a few close friends.

I hadn't even really thought about dating, because it didn't really cross my mind. Until I crossed paths with this person again. And there it was. And when I had previously discounted any future relationships because of the 'baggage' I carry, and the disclaimers I feel I need to precede every new friendship with...

But there is none of that. None. Amazing.

More to come on this. When it's time to share more.