Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picture Updates


Nick and The Girlies :)
Girls' Camping Trip with Gram and Gramps

Maui Vacay Pics

Stacie and Mike's Wedding Pictures 
The little lovies getting ready for Stacie's BIG day
Why I'm reminded that, no matter how hard I try not to, I really AM becoming an adult. Argh.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching Up...

Not all of the details you've wanted, but here's the recap:

July 2nd: Alicia and I took the girls to a San Jose Earthquakes (soccer) game
July 3rd: Nat's 10th bday party at Petroglyph (painting ceramics)
July 4th: Nat's real bday, fire house pancake breakfast and parade
July 8th: Finale to Jr. Life guards program
July 14th: (among other things...) Girls left to go camping with Grandma and Grampy Way. Up. North.
July 18th: girls return from camping
July 18-22: I have insanely crazy travelling busy work schedule: Green Valley. Monterey, Burlingame, and Palo Alto
July 24th: Salinas Rodeo. Dad, the girls, Nick, Alicia, Grandma and Grampy, and friends Renee and Evan all came. It was WAY fun.
July 25th: Dad takes a TERRIBLE fall head first, bangs his head pretty bad, badly broke his right shoulder AND left ankle. Left hand hurt too, but not broken. He has been in the hospital, and then nursing home ever since :(
July 27th: Alicia, girls, Grampy and Grandma, Mariah, and I went to the Jason Aldean concert...yay :)
July 30th-Aug 8th: Alicia, girls and I jet off to tropical Maui

Today is August 11th. We had a practice round of hair-do's, special bra shopping and shoe shopping for Alicia, the girls, and I. Visiting dad.
Tomorrow is the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Stacie and Mike's wedding
Saturday: Stacie and Mike get married!
Sunday: is Brittany's last day at Youth Director and Worship Team Leader at FPC. It shall be a bittersweet party of sorts... as we celebrate all the joys she's brought forth, and watch her new story just start to unfold.

Girls are back to school on the Aug 23rd.
Sept 1st: Taylor Swift concert with the girls :)

Somewhere in all of this, my backyard has been levelled, tractored, tilled a 2nd time, laid with sod, and has a retaining wall put in.

All of the above has pics to some point... I promise :)