Sunday, December 13, 2009

Request DENIED!

Done: (Fri -Sun)
X 1/2 day hospital incident command drill
X Dentist appt for extra ouchie tooth
X Migraine
X Eliz grad party w/dad
X Lu and Nat dance recital
X Did not attend company holiday party
X Church (morning)
X Meds picked up from pharmacy
X Christmas pics taken, cards ordered
X Church Christmas celebration (evening)
X Bday party for a little man

To Do: (Mon-Friday)
__ Missing Admin team meeting
__ Drive Lu and classmates to Tech Museum
__ Nat piano recital
__ Thank God Worship Team practice is cancelled
__ Remember Tues is late start for school kids
__ Meeting #1 on-site
__ Staff meeting off-site
__ Meeting #2
__ Meeting #3
__ Lu and Nat dance class
__ Lucile Packard w/ Lu
__ Meeting #5
__ Endodontist appt
__ Meeting #6 <-- may need to cancel... if I can't talk after dentist...
__ Nat piano practice
__ Meeting #7 (next morning... if I'm not dead by this point)

These are just things booked onto my calendar. After E's grad party on Saturday (10pm) dad wanted to know if he could have an hour or so to show me some music DVD he got. Um no. Sorry. Dying here. Gotta get home. Gotta get my kids to bed. Or they'll be a wreck tomorrow.

Really did I REALLY think I was going to be able pulling off leaving again around Christmas this year? There's no way. I couldn't have done it. The team leaves Friday... and it's a little bittersweet 8(. I want to go too.

At the birthday party this evening for a 5yo friend, Emi shat on the floor. SHAT. In case you didn't catch that part. Copped a squat, pulled the diaper to the side (curiously didn't have to take it off or even undo the little Velcro parts,) and laid a big one right there on the party floor. That's not the best image to promote of one's self. But hey. Yup. That's my kid. See her? Nope not that one playing nicely. The OTHER one, yup that's her, the one shitting on the floor right next to the dinner table.

It's clear my request for a quiet, uneventful season, has been denied. Any time things get rough... I'm just going to remember that I lived through my 2yo crapping right in front of a party of 25 people. I can live through anything. Bring it on.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Negative on the time, energy, intellectual ability and so on... therefore the summary post is a must, and in fact, all that I can muster. (Which reminds me of the Fireman's Muster back in the day and I swear they called it MUSTARD. Hmph. Sorry. Easily, happily side tracked these days.)

1. Emi has all her teeth. Meaning the ones that should be in her mouth, are still there, as are the supporting bones, muscles, etc. One jumping 2yo + one hard edge of the bed + gravity =gushing blood, tears, a little bit of screaming (not just on her part) and the ER.

2. I like fire. Fire likes me. You'd think we're on to something here. Wrong. It follows me. Like a rite of passage through each phase of life. Almost burnt the house down last night. Did NOT though- thanks be to dear sweet baby Jesus. Loooong story. Apparently I make one kick-ass fire for a cold wintery night. In the middle of the night the logs stacked to the side of the wood burning stove got in on the fun. Every bit of the house: the carpet, our clothes, my hair, the baby, my purse, even my shower curtain smell like an ash tray. And my scarf. 8( I am NOT complaining. I am grateful to Nat who came peeling into my bedroom, and thus no actual damage, just smelliness ensues. And my eyes are burning. And a little trouble breathing. Ok. I'll stop.

3. Johannesburg. Never been there. Don't really have a plan to go there, or so I thought. My yahoo account (which I've had for 11+ years) decided last week I was actually located in Johannesburg. Isn't that the FARTHEST I could actually be from where I am now? What are the chances that that very night I was reading to Lu a chicken-soup-type book, and blindly picked the story whose fairy tale ending ended in Johannesburg. Odd odd ODD!

4. Nat, bless her heart, is such a little love. I gave her a few dollars a few weeks back to get something from the book fair at school. (Have I already posted about this? Deja vu....) When I picked her up from Mama Hen's that day after school she bounded into my arms with a wrapped present. She was so proud. She spent her money on a birthday present for Grandpy! She said it was a football book. Cool. Appropriate. Very thoughtful especially for an 8yo. Today (12/10) is his bday. He opened it. Oh my goodness child..... love her. Grandpy's 54th(?)-ish bday blessed him with a 1st-grade reading level football book. Ginormous font and all. 8)

5. I like Christmas itself. What it stands for. (I like this little ditty: Jesus is the reason for the season.) I like the little white lights. Lots of them. I like going through the Christmas ornaments. I have failed to yet take a Xmas picture. But I tell you I can BARELY handle the rest of the busy-ness, the drama, the tension, the demands. But there comes a point when no matter how badly I want to do just one more thing, my body actually starts to shut down. It's happened before. I don't want it to happen again. How can I make sure that Jesus is the reason for my season if all I'm doing is powering through one event to another, and then falling in a heap at the end. That's not the kind of Christmas-y I want to be. I guess this year I'd like to just be the intentional, quiet, reflective bystander.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally At Rest

My old computer has been on the fritz for at least 6 months now. It was a long, slow death. Near the end, the screen needed to be held at a certain angle so the screen wouldn't be black. Then it turned from more of a holding interaction, to then a wrestling, then a down right rastling. And then it just stopped having a picture all together. =( Sad. I have most of my pictures saved else where, but there were some things I wasn't able to transfer over. Oh well. Life does apparently go on.

After church this morning, Bitty and Nat and I made a B-line for Costco, where we were no doubt distracted by SO MANY good deals. AND A COMPUTER! Which I am typing on right now... without holding the screen with one hand and typing with the other. The keys don't stick when I press in, and they aren't sticky either! (A note of thanks to Bitty for all the stickiness she contributed to the old computer.)

Once Bitty is up from her nap, I hope to take a picture worthy of Christmas card status, then load to the computer and order prints, all this before the big storm is to arrive. Gosh and it'd be great to get the Christmas tree too today. I don't think we'll get it up today, but it would be much fun to decorate in the next few days, if this storm is as powerful and they say it will be. Going through all the Christmas boxes would be an ideal 'power's out' activity.

I'm feeling a little sad about putting the old computer down. At rest. Replacing it. Like I'm trading teams or something. May this uber-emotional time of year not continue to plague me with such silly little ideas. Sheesh.