Sunday, December 13, 2009

Request DENIED!

Done: (Fri -Sun)
X 1/2 day hospital incident command drill
X Dentist appt for extra ouchie tooth
X Migraine
X Eliz grad party w/dad
X Lu and Nat dance recital
X Did not attend company holiday party
X Church (morning)
X Meds picked up from pharmacy
X Christmas pics taken, cards ordered
X Church Christmas celebration (evening)
X Bday party for a little man

To Do: (Mon-Friday)
__ Missing Admin team meeting
__ Drive Lu and classmates to Tech Museum
__ Nat piano recital
__ Thank God Worship Team practice is cancelled
__ Remember Tues is late start for school kids
__ Meeting #1 on-site
__ Staff meeting off-site
__ Meeting #2
__ Meeting #3
__ Lu and Nat dance class
__ Lucile Packard w/ Lu
__ Meeting #5
__ Endodontist appt
__ Meeting #6 <-- may need to cancel... if I can't talk after dentist...
__ Nat piano practice
__ Meeting #7 (next morning... if I'm not dead by this point)

These are just things booked onto my calendar. After E's grad party on Saturday (10pm) dad wanted to know if he could have an hour or so to show me some music DVD he got. Um no. Sorry. Dying here. Gotta get home. Gotta get my kids to bed. Or they'll be a wreck tomorrow.

Really did I REALLY think I was going to be able pulling off leaving again around Christmas this year? There's no way. I couldn't have done it. The team leaves Friday... and it's a little bittersweet 8(. I want to go too.

At the birthday party this evening for a 5yo friend, Emi shat on the floor. SHAT. In case you didn't catch that part. Copped a squat, pulled the diaper to the side (curiously didn't have to take it off or even undo the little Velcro parts,) and laid a big one right there on the party floor. That's not the best image to promote of one's self. But hey. Yup. That's my kid. See her? Nope not that one playing nicely. The OTHER one, yup that's her, the one shitting on the floor right next to the dinner table.

It's clear my request for a quiet, uneventful season, has been denied. Any time things get rough... I'm just going to remember that I lived through my 2yo crapping right in front of a party of 25 people. I can live through anything. Bring it on.

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Lauren said...

I love you!!! Your humor, your grace, your Meggieness. Miss you.