Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in the Saddle

So, the time has come. I got a new computer. Merry Christmas to me :)

*Hopefully* this means more blogging. Hopefully more thoughts shared, and connections made as a whole. Not just the darn computer...

2013 has been good. Challenging, and trying at times, but in the grand scheme of 'this is your life' it has been good and decent. There are plenty of drowning moments, in over my head, send me a life line, and then.... and then.... I get one. A call, a text, a something, a sign.

My motto for 2013 was: Be Direct. It was scary! It was helpful. I got a heck of a lot more accomplished, and felt more 'heard.' Huh. Funny tho- when you have more to say, and still aren't heard by the same people... oh, that's another post.

Anyhoo, I need a 2014 motto... got any? Celebrate everything. Be cute. Sing on key. Don't use the credit card. Call Dad every day. Match the damn socks when they come out of the dryer. Be love. Breathe deep. Make the time.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer 2013 Pictures

First day of school 2013-2014
Emi-1st grade, Lu-Freshman, Nat- 7th grade :) weeeeeeee

Natural Bridges State Beach (before Nat broke her foot...2 hours later)

4th of July birthday girl!!!!

Emi and bff Zak at Raging Waters

Emi and Uncle Jackson

Dinner out is always easy, no?

Father's Day tribute to the dads in my life

Lu's 8th grade graduation

1st toof is outta here!

Like mother like daughter


We love Monterey

A few more wedding pics

I'm An Auntie!!! :)

Baby Melody is here! Stacie and Mike welcomed perfect Melody in July. It was quite convenient that she delivered at the hospital that she, Alicia, and I all work at. How nice. :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh, hi :)

Hey there :)

Hity-ho, neighbor. heh.

I do not blog much these days. I LOVE to blog still, but it escapes me. The computer I usually blog from no longer supports blogger. When I can sneak away to one that does, I dare say... I have a kid or twelve in tow, or need a nap, or a hug, or maybe a sandwich.

My sweet girls are still sweet, just growing. Hmph. Precious as can be though. With a side of sass and snark sometimes... eeesh I get proud.

Work is.... challenging. I love my staff, and the people I work directly for, and the patients I serve. I do not always appreciate the politics behind all the decisions that affect me and my staff. Of recent, I am captain of a sinking ship, and that is a hard boat to sail gracefully.

Segway into a few weeks ago... I try to balance home/kids/dad/work/peeing by myself on occasion/etc all together. But alas, on a very important morning with a BIG meeting with Senior Leadership at the hospital, I managed to drop Emi off at Grandma's, Lu and Nat off at school, and drop back pack off to a friend, and make it into SV, dressed to the 9's... when I glanced down and only had my effing fluffy slippers on! Who does this? And no I can't shuffle into the hospital. I cried, and then laughed. And then both at the same time. And then I took a picture. I then I got to Payless. I slid into the meeting with a few minutes to spare. I sat next to the Hospital Admin. He says, "Good morning Meggie. How are you today?" To which I reply, "I made it to SV in slippers."

Another morning not long after one of our family fish (of the pair Paca and Jim Bob) had died at the hands(fins/teeth?) of a newly rescued friend's fish we named Big Papa. I tried in vain to resuscitate Paca and then got the fish net to scoop her up. In case you didn't know Oscar's fins are actually spines, and they have hooks on the end and DON'T come out of the NETS!!! DAMMIT! Now I have a 5 inch long fish gasping for breath in my hand. I tried to remove each spine, but there must be 500. BTW I hate fish! I'm looking at her and I can't even flush the little fucker now. I accepted finally that she had succumbed to fishy death... but the story doesn't end there. Of course not. Dont' ask me how, but somehow, it was a horrendous Sunday morning of miscommunications and me cussing at a helpless fish. I wrapped the flailing fish in a trash bag and threw it on the front seat of my Tahoe with the grand plan of tossing it in Grampy's trash truck when I picked up girls for church in 5 minutes.Well, in summary, kids weren't there, and I ended up driving (fast!) thru the valley with that damned bag on my front seat... and I was late to sing at church, and they lock their trash cans so I just had to RUN in and get to singing...all the while all I can think of is that bag, and that when church is over I HAVE to be the first one to the car, and not let the kids see or question, and then I STILL have to gt rid of it. In the end, I got $4 worth of gas at Chevron and offed the fish for good.

We are anxiously waiting word on a new job for Nick. Many months and intense interviews. This has been a long time coming. Surely this is what is next for us... PLEASE.

Alicia got a job at my hospital as a surgical tech. Stacie is pregnant.

Other not great health related things are stalking my family. I'm not going to get in to it, but if you feel led, you could pray.

Onwards, dear reader friends and family. I still read ALL blogs, and I just can't blog all that often.