Thursday, December 22, 2011


It is Christmas time.
I am blessed.
I am fortunate.
I am. I am. I am.

I am just not immune to holiday depression.
I am still not whole.

It seems all the holidays do is magnify the loss.

Time doesn't always provide wisdom; most times it reveals the weary.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

go BIG or go home...

Welp, we went BIG, and didn't get home. So there you go.

The beginning of last week was spent much like a sprint to the finish line, preparing the hospital for a big, GIGANTIC computer system switch, and upgrade... more than a year in the making. Go live was slated for Thursday the 1st. So.... Wednesday night in particular was the final heave-ho of a 14 hour long work day...

But apparently there was a storm a-brewing out there. I wouldn't know, because I was in my non-windowed office. 60+mph winds, wear tearing our little towns apart. So.. when I attempted to leave sometime after 1030pm, I unfortunately found that I could not get home. Not even close. Damn Damn. Damn. Go live was scheduled for 4am the next morning... awesome.

Next day, I made good on something I had thought long and hard about. So on my lunch break on Thursday the 1st... during the stress of go-live... I escaped away and picked up a dog from the SPCA. We named him Fiddle. I always thought I wasn't a dog person. I was wrong. I am now totally in love with a one year old boxer.

Thursday night made it home, but no power. Not the end of the world. I can deal. Usually. I mean...not like corporate hospital folks would be at the hospital the next day, and that I didn't have a way to wash and or dry any clothes, let alone iron them if they had been clean.... oh yes and in this dark house, I now have a new dog. Sweet.

The power didn't come back on til Sunday.

In summary: in the span of 24 hours I worked long and hard at work, then couldn't get home, then got a dog, and brought him home to a house without electricity for 5 days.

That's right. Just how I roll ;)