Tuesday, December 6, 2011

go BIG or go home...

Welp, we went BIG, and didn't get home. So there you go.

The beginning of last week was spent much like a sprint to the finish line, preparing the hospital for a big, GIGANTIC computer system switch, and upgrade... more than a year in the making. Go live was slated for Thursday the 1st. So.... Wednesday night in particular was the final heave-ho of a 14 hour long work day...

But apparently there was a storm a-brewing out there. I wouldn't know, because I was in my non-windowed office. 60+mph winds, wear tearing our little towns apart. So.. when I attempted to leave sometime after 1030pm, I unfortunately found that I could not get home. Not even close. Damn Damn. Damn. Go live was scheduled for 4am the next morning... awesome.

Next day, I made good on something I had thought long and hard about. So on my lunch break on Thursday the 1st... during the stress of go-live... I escaped away and picked up a dog from the SPCA. We named him Fiddle. I always thought I wasn't a dog person. I was wrong. I am now totally in love with a one year old boxer.

Thursday night made it home, but no power. Not the end of the world. I can deal. Usually. I mean...not like corporate hospital folks would be at the hospital the next day, and that I didn't have a way to wash and or dry any clothes, let alone iron them if they had been clean.... oh yes and in this dark house, I now have a new dog. Sweet.

The power didn't come back on til Sunday.

In summary: in the span of 24 hours I worked long and hard at work, then couldn't get home, then got a dog, and brought him home to a house without electricity for 5 days.

That's right. Just how I roll ;)

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