Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School 2009**NOW COMPLETE!!

I take pics of the girls EVERY YEAR on the first day of school. It's a right of passage. I tell them (only partially jokingly) that if they want to remain part of the family, they take a first day of school picture... rain or shine, happy or tears, you get the idea. Enjoy here my collection thus far. (JUST FOUND PICS FROM LU'S FIRST TWO DAYS OF KINDERGARTENSO I ADDED THEM!) See if you notice any trends? I'll summarize at the end of the post. =)

Soooooo... Isn't this lovely? One of my children is CLEARLY "inhabited" or possessed on alternating first days of school. As if that is not enough, I want you all to know that I just signed my life away this evening as I signed consent for the other one to participate (I don't like that word- not in this context) in sex ed this year at school. I need me a cave.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh What a Busy Day!

1 - days I had been back to work when Bitty peed on me before I even left the house
617 - unopened emails waiting at work after a little hiatus
2- local fires
9.5 - hours it took to get my computer working today
15- plants separated and re-potted today
12 - brownies burnt (BUT.... had already eaten about a 1/4 of the original batch mix, so not a complete loss!)
3- days until the girls are back in school
6- kids at my house today

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear Eldest child o'mine,

It is true, that I have no idea what question you are about to ask. But, let me count the ways in which, collectively forbid me from taking you seriously at this very moment in time, and no matter what you ask, my only answer will be laughter:

1/ YOU HAVE NO PANTS ON (yes you read this correctly...she stands before me in t-shirt and chonies- automatic points off (pants off? hahaha) because really what can't be asked before putting pants on?)

2/YOU HAVE ON BLUE SPARKLY EYESHADOW which extends a great deal past the actual eyebrow itself. This in addition to the lack of pants.


hmmmmm... laughter ensues 8)

Then I stop.... Who raised these kids?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Updates, Disclaimers, and Pictures Galore!!!

If I needed any indication that I needed to get away, sever ties with civilization, and not cook or clean, apparently it needed to come in the form of A/my cell phone dying, B/my computer dying then coming back to life, then dying, then after 5+ hours yesterday getting it barely back up again, C/my i-pod dying, D/ my vacuum dying. Wow. Ok OK I get it!!! Please don't break anything else! I understand. So... if you've been calling me- I can't answer. If you've been emailing me, I most likely haven't been able to get to it til now. I promise if I need help, I'll reach out. But for now I plan on riding this hermit-life out, til it's run its course, that's just what needs to happen.
Her eyes are closed apparently because she didn't want to get dirt in them. Funny, cause she had no problem getting it in her hair, nose, and diaper. 8)

Want to know where all this fabulous dirt play was taking place? Right there next to daddy's big truck. And who says safety is always first?

Silly silly girls.... and then below would be "See no evil, armpit no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil." Don't ask. Just go with it.

And finally! A toast to the 8 yer old who waited more than a month for her b-day party with friends. We celebrated with fruit smoothies in wine glasses, sandwiches, and pedicures!

And now, one final word: If you are easily offended, please don't read on and don't comment.

Hubby and I saw this sign recently as we drove by and I wanted a picture. I saw this and I thought: Heck ya! Tell Him to get a little giddy up in His step and get here with a quickness. I, personally speaking, can't wait to meet Him in the flesh! I already know Him as my savior. He IS my light. Some days it just seems like I'm hanging on for dear life for Him to arrive though. Then there is this picture: Go ahead. Take it all in. Are you offended?

Does it really matter WHERE someone finds Jesus- or WHY or HOW for that matter? I imagine but DO NOT ASSUME that this T-shirt was made to mock us Christ followers. Here's the thing- do we really care what they think? Probably not. But what really irks me is when fellow Christians mock, or somehow belittle someone else's personal relationship with Christ. That's what I find most hurtful. No wonder the rest of society thinks we are a bunch of nuts. We give our lives lovingly to Christ, we serve based on His word, we do encounter obstacles, we are not perfect, BUT how DARE another person who purports to have the same love and values tell us (me) when we're not doing it right. I'm telling you I gave every ounce of my being to Him on a certain day many years ago. It was me and God, baby: in my heart, drumming up the most beautiful forgiveness and life of hope and purpose. If I'm telling you I've found Him, QUIT telling me I need to find Him. Quit preaching to me that my lowly life does not equate to anything until Christ is found. I hear you! I promise! I agree! But if you'd close your mouth for one second and actually LISTEN you'd hear that I'm already there. What's the next step? Or perhaps you keep saying this over and over and over because you know it's what YOU need to do. It's what YOU need to hear. Maybe He's speaking through you TO YOU.