Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh What a Busy Day!

1 - days I had been back to work when Bitty peed on me before I even left the house
617 - unopened emails waiting at work after a little hiatus
2- local fires
9.5 - hours it took to get my computer working today
15- plants separated and re-potted today
12 - brownies burnt (BUT.... had already eaten about a 1/4 of the original batch mix, so not a complete loss!)
3- days until the girls are back in school
6- kids at my house today


Lauren said...

:) a good reminder to live in the "now" by eating brownie mix. you never know if they'll turn out. I burnt a batch of brownies last week too!

Brittany said...

You should have taken that half a pan of brownies the other night, not me! Would have saved you the burnt brownie smell.