Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally At Rest

My old computer has been on the fritz for at least 6 months now. It was a long, slow death. Near the end, the screen needed to be held at a certain angle so the screen wouldn't be black. Then it turned from more of a holding interaction, to then a wrestling, then a down right rastling. And then it just stopped having a picture all together. =( Sad. I have most of my pictures saved else where, but there were some things I wasn't able to transfer over. Oh well. Life does apparently go on.

After church this morning, Bitty and Nat and I made a B-line for Costco, where we were no doubt distracted by SO MANY good deals. AND A COMPUTER! Which I am typing on right now... without holding the screen with one hand and typing with the other. The keys don't stick when I press in, and they aren't sticky either! (A note of thanks to Bitty for all the stickiness she contributed to the old computer.)

Once Bitty is up from her nap, I hope to take a picture worthy of Christmas card status, then load to the computer and order prints, all this before the big storm is to arrive. Gosh and it'd be great to get the Christmas tree too today. I don't think we'll get it up today, but it would be much fun to decorate in the next few days, if this storm is as powerful and they say it will be. Going through all the Christmas boxes would be an ideal 'power's out' activity.

I'm feeling a little sad about putting the old computer down. At rest. Replacing it. Like I'm trading teams or something. May this uber-emotional time of year not continue to plague me with such silly little ideas. Sheesh.

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Stacie said...

I have to say I am so grateful for the NEW computer! You are blogging again and it just makes my day!!