Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Heart My Friends

I haven't been blogging, as I haven't been thinking much lately. Welcome to the cave, the abyss, the twilight that is my life. I am currently in the 'zone.' Not the diet, rather the state of mind. Poop. Which leads me to the two kids down in two days with the flu. Poop. And barf. In the middle of the night. In the hair, bedding, blankets, and the carpet. Gross. One more to go. Eh.

Lu got a hickey! WTF!?!?! Before you choke, let me say that when she showed it to me, she hadn't a clue what it was. She pulled her shirt down a little so I could see just below her neck line. She had a perfectly circle purple f-ing hickey right there in the middle of her chest! I said 'Lu! Are you a hussy?' 'Mooo---ooom (the two syllable mom)! NO!' Hmmm... 'Well then, did you suction cup something random to your chest?" Wait for it... "How did you know?" Hahahahahaha. Wait. She has my genes. Never mind. I take that laughing part back.

Nat asked my dad why he doesn't have dark hair anymore. He explained that's what happens when you get old. Then she talked on and on about being old and how old he is. (He's NOT that old! Sheesh.) She then said it was pretty cool that ALL his hair is gray because his eyebrows and nose hairs matched too! I think she was trying to make it a compliment. I wanted to become spineless and just slink right under the table.

Today in particular (but ALL days) I am thankful for my friends. They exceed the 'normal' expectations of friendship of today's norm. And I am blessed. Abundantly. =)

This week was also marked by a conversation I had with Lu and Nat about friendship. It was hard, but important, and necessary. And I have a feeling this is the first of many of these...

There will be many degrees of friends, tiers of friendships, tears over friendships, and heartache. How you and your friends evolve over the years, how you work through problems, or side with avoidance, will determine the path. Choose wisely. Thoughtfully. Lovingly. Boldly. There will be friends who NEED you, who tap into your emotions and resources til you're all dried up. Friends who claim and support love while in the flesh, but when the head's turned it's another story. Friends who always teeter on the line of acceptance and rebellion, but with a heart built of gold. Friends who are quiet and happily so. Friends in the clouds happy and lofty, and only one foot on the ground. The friend with the loud mouth, but who always tells you exactly like it is. The one who when your cards have folded, they take the next train out. The secretly highly critical one, whom you can never please. And the one who you may not see or talk with often, but you feel their presence, and knowing that they are out there thinking of you too is enough.

How do you explain that the friends you keep, speak volumes of your character? You are essentially guilty by association if you choose the less popular route. But please don't choose to be exclusive in your friends, just for the sake of being so. Every body has a light within. It just takes the right kind of friends to create the safety net of friendship to allow them to blossom.

What kind of friend are you? Be purposeful in all of your actions.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the barf and poop. Hope you stay well. Now, how did you get to be so wise and stay so young? I'll keep thinking about friends for a few days now.

Yo, Momma

Brittany said...

Your friends heart you. :)

Jennifer said...

I loved that Meggie. And I love you! I hope the babies get well VERY soon and you only have to deal with two sickies.