Friday, November 13, 2009


Me: Emi, what are you doing?
Emi: I hug the fishies goodnight. Hug. See?
Emi: and Kiss
Emi: And high five

Me: Let's change your diaper before bed. Come here. Did you poop?
Emi: No. No poop. Just pee.
Me: Ok. You still smell funky, maybe just a fluff?
Emi: I smell fu(silent N)ckie?
Me: Yes you do.
Emi: I pooped.
Me: Really?
Emi: A BIG one mom. See?
Me: Nicely done. Let's get it off your bootie.

Emi: Sing mama
Me: Sing what? Let's sing together!
Emi: K. You sing LOVES ME. Sing it mama
Me: Jesus loves me this I know...
Emi: Shhhh... Now sing LOVES ME ok? Sing it. I need it. Sing it now mama. Sing LOVES ME.

Me: Emi you are naked. Let's get jammies on you for bed.
Emi: I'm naked! See?
Me: And you are cute too, now let's get you dressed.
Emi: Mommy I run FAST!
Emi: Around and AROUND!
Me: Oooh you are sooo fast. Now let's get your jammies on please.
Emi: I'm still runnin'
Me: I can see that. Come here please.
Emi: I'm runnin FAST mom! See? SEE!
Emi: You like dat? You like dat mommy?
Me: Breathtaking dear, just breathtaking.

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