Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lest You Forget, Let Me Remind You...

... of my awesomeness. It's multiplying it seems. And not in a 'good' way, only in the 'Meg is awesome' kind of way.
In a matter of hours... roughly 24 of them... I successfully managed to:
  • thought I lost the keys to the car, but really had left them in the ignition, draining the battery DEAD
  • in an attempt to pre-heat the oven for biscuits, re-cooked (and dare I say...toasted to just under combustion) night before's pizza, AND pizza box
  • sat out in the pappa-son chair on the deck while talking on the phone. And the chair rocked a little. Deep in conversation, I was pleasantly surprised that this chair rocked, as I didn't not remember that. Cue me rocking backwards, and falling SO ungracefully off the chair, and its stationary stand. Right. Not a rocker. Just a little rocky is all.
ALL of this... with an audience. EACH and EVERY time. Plenty of them. Hoards of them, if you ask me.

1 comment:

Mary Thomas said...

Hahaha this was great! Scott just tried to put his hand out of the car window on the way home about an hour ago. I say "tried" because he had just finished rolling it up.