Sunday, August 24, 2014


Emi: Mama, every day I'm a little closer to seeing my Daddy James, right?
Me: Yes, Lovie
Emi: What do you think he does up there?
Me: Well...
Emi: Like, he's up in heaven now so he can pretty much do whatever he wants, right?
Me: I guess so. What do you think he gets to do?
Emi: I don't know. I think he likes to fly now that he's a ghost, or is he an angel?
Me: I think maybe he's an angel.
Emi: Me too. Do you think he has big wings or little wings?
Me: Probably just right wings that make him fly super fast but like an angel.
Emi: ooooohhhh ya.
Emi: You know what else? He doesn't hurt any more so he can play more games than just flying
Me: Yes! What other games?
Emi: I bet he works on cars and trucks and can race them fast!
Emi: I think he can run for miles! And he plays chase with the little kids who were sick and need a daddy! And you know what else? Jesus taught him how to fly at first with his wings and then Daddy taught the new angels how to fly. And then when they need to get their wiggles out, they get to jump ALOT on the clouds like a trampoline and THAT is when it rains down here!
Me: I love it. What else? What else can Daddy do now?
Emi: He can do gymnastics and he is SO good!
Me: YES! Can he tumble and cartwheel?
Emi: Yes but he is still working on sticking the landing.
Emi: But he CAN do the bridge!
Me: Oh my goodness! You two could do the bridge together!
Emi: Yes mommy! And then I could show him how to walk a few steps in the bridge and I'm the baby bridge and he's the daddy bridge and I fit right under his big bridge like nesting tables.
Me: Yes, Lovie. Just like nesting tables.  <3 p="">