Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Post-op Day #1

Already I can say that hubby's recovery is going far more smoothly than the last surgery. He was able to get up for a walk today (using the IV pole as a walker) and took a nice little stroll with his dad. I think last time he wasn't up until day 5. He's still in a great deal of pain, but the Stanford Pain Clinic docs have been asked to participate with his in-patient care and we are so thankful. The big bebes came to see daddy today. I know they've been scared too, especially with both of us away. So they got to see him and hug him and kiss him and they left perfectly happy and giggly. There are still some tense moments, but I think we're going to be ok. Having my dad here too has been so great. He knows his way around Stanford and the local roads and towns. It's so comforting to just be able to turn my brain to idle and just follow him to where ever our next destination is. He can do all the thinking for me for that stuff. He also bought me a fan for my motel room which makes just enough white noise to block out the outside noise. Yay for sleep. May the healing continue!

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Rosalyn said...

Yay! God is good.You dad is great! He must feel wonderful being able to care for you as you care for James. Loves 0x0x0x