Thursday, August 14, 2008


Bitty woke up and barfed all over herself and her crib. And then said "Uh-oh." Cute and gross all at the same time of 6 in the morning.

While I've been home from work this week, we've managed to get the big bebes back on their schedule. Wake up, make bed, set out clothes, take a shower, have breakfast and start the day. They too love routine. And they really do like being helpful. Making a bed is small on the big scale of things, but it's something that gives an almost immediate visual reward of a job well done. I like it and so do they.

Hubby continues to improve by leaps and bounds, though he is hardly actually leaping anywhere. He and I are still SO amazed at the progress he's made. One's state of mind plays a KEY role in the road to recovery.

There is something exciting in our midst. I don't want to blog about it completely right now, as I don't want to jinx it. Trying not to get our hopes up (and I PROMISE I am NOT pregnant--thank you very much) maybe we'll have more to report on Sunday. I'm trying to remember if it's meant to be, and we think about it thoughtfully and prayerfully, and if it is in God's will--it will happen. And my fingers are still crossed for good measure. =)


Rosalyn said...

Such great reports from you. Loves and hugs to you and all!

Gary said...

Well, it's Sunday and I've been anxiously awaiting to hear what this potentially bit of exciting news is. I could take a very good educated guess, but don't want to jinx God's will, haha.