Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy, Tired, Excited...

Is it really Monday already? Oh my goodness. So much to get done and just like that--another week has gone by. Hmph. I got up super-dooper early this morning to make sure we were all ready to go for the first day back to school. No melt downs on the home front. We were hit on the way to school, in all that first day of school traffic. But what fun is a normal rushing day without a fender bender here and there, eh?

Big bebe has decided that she is NOT a GIRLY GIRL. She is adamant that she is a tomboy. I think she expects me to fight it. Not gonna happen. If she'd rather wear skater shorts and boy sneakers instead of hoochie mama tube tops and skivvies---we've got a deal. I appreciate that she isn't drawn in (yet...knock on wood....) to being popular and new trends. She said she really didn't want to use her purple back pack from last year either. I assumed it was because she just wanted a new one for the new school year. Wrong again mom. She said that actually she didn't need a new one. If I could just buy her the material she could make her own backpack just how she needs it. And really--if she had the time-- she would. She loves sewing and art and making odd pieces of clothing look good together. She's got a knack.

Look at these little lovie faces this morning when I woke them up:

And there was Bitty who we dare not leave out. (I was like this with my stuffed animals when I was little too. Everyone needed to be represented fairly. OCD much?)

Middle bebe's 2nd grade teacher--get this--was MY 2nd grade teacher too. Oh her eyes (the teacher's) got SOOOO WIDE when I walked her into class today. I think I have just aged her. SORRY!

All in all, today was a success. The girls smiled and goofed around appropriately for the first day of school. They came home happy and tired and excited.

There is a bit of anxiousness surrounding escrow and the house and the inspections. I guess that is to be expected. But a little more every day I am feeling the weight of the world lifting off my shoulders. It is a wonderful, welcome, beautiful thing. I too am happy and tired and excited for this next faze.

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