Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is last year's first day of school picture. I can only HOPE that this year (ahem... tomorrow) goes a little smoother. As sad as this picture is, I still chuckle a little every time I see it. I hope to be able to take a nice picture of them tomorrow without having to threaten them to show their pearly whites and pretend they like each other.
I'd like you to know that Bitty Bebe woke up at 5 this morning. She didn't go back to sleep. Doesn't her little smirky face just look devious??? Like she's laughing at me because she knows she's getting away with something? And she's too darn cute for me to do anything about it.

This is how most of my pictures turn out of her. I'm beginning to think there must be a delay or something set on my camera.....and buh-bye.

The big bebes dressed up Bitty this afternoon. She was a in princess in all her glory. With a very nice jump rope apparently for when she can learn to jump.

Aren't naked babies the best? So clean and not smelly or sticky.

But this one just gets me. Look at the look on each of their faces. This is REALLY how they are all the time. Big bebe very sweet and calm, sometimes feisty, but mostly gentle and caring. Middle bebe is always up to something. ALWAYS. And she always looks guilty as ever. Then to Bitty...HELP who are these crazy people? I love their little personalities. And I wonder how I could have 3 kids who all have such different personalities? Then I realize that they each got a piece of their crazy mama. Oooohhh that's scary.

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