Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post-op Day #2

Hubby is doing very well. He was up for several walks today. His best buddy came to visit for the day too and that was fun. Looks like they may be releasing him on Friday or Saturday. They are in the process of switching him from IV pain meds to oral and patch pain meds. It takes a little adjusting but the Stanford Pain Clinic docs are still stopping by several times a day to check in. The nurses are WONDERFUL and kind and caring. And they didn't make fun of hubby when he paged the nurse on the intercom and said "I'm out of go-go juice." They knew he meant pain meds and didn't skip a beat. He also enjoyed pushing ALL the buttons on his hospital bed to see what position he could get it into. It seriously looked like a bed with hydraulics. Funny.

So with my peace of mind about hubby and all the stress I've kept carefully hidden away, it's starting to find its way out in the form of a migraine. I should have known. This is the usual cycle though. I can get through any stressful event just fine, and as soon as it's OK, the migraine hits.
I came home to the motel early and took my meds. Not sure I caught it in time. I had a bite of chocolate thinking the caffeine might help. Turns out this may turn into a barfy kind of migraine. That, and I think they sprayed for ants in this room so the smell of Raid is about to show me what I ate for lunch.

Speaking of lunch....and not in a gross way. I am a creature of habit. I like patterns, and routine. I didn't realize it was SO prevalent in my every day life, until today for the 3rd day in a row, I went to the Stanford cafeteria and got a grilled cheese, orange juice and butterfinger icecream bar. I know it's not healthy. But..... oh I don't know. I think I need to put a little placard on my lunch tray too that says "Leave me alone. It's comfort food."

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