Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are officially in escrow!!!!!! Dad reminded me this will be the single BIGGEST purchase of my life. I know. Don't scare the crap outta me. C'mon, let me be EXCITED!!!! The inspections will start tomorrow, and then a couple more next week.

I've been on this automatic email notice from my realtor for about a year now for any houses in the area that go on the market. These usually come in the morning. Yesterday I got one from her in the evening but the subject line said: "This one looks nice...but it's pending." And I'm thinking...then why is she sending it to me? I open the email and it's the listing add and picture for MY new house. And it's PENDING now because I am buying it and we are in ESCROW! Insert super ecstatic picture of me doing the happy dance here...maybe something along the lines of this:


Jen said...

h, that's AWESOME!! This is such an exciting (scary and nervous) time! How long is your escrow? You're going to be in your own home soon! I'm so happy for you!

Gary said...

i hated my closing costs!