Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Again

Oh and by the skin of our teeth we are home again. It's a little sooner than expected, but hubby is better and better every day. Last night, however, Senor Migraine wouldn't shut up and I ended up at the ER. That's such poor timing. (Dad said he thinks my migraine while hubby is in the hospital, is the equivalent to his heart attack in while mom was in ICU. Our minds and bodies can only take so much...and then we cave.) Speaking of which, has anyone else heard that new song on country radio "Johnny and June?" It brought tears to my eyes. I think hubby and I have found a new theme song.

I never want to be sick or injured. The claustrophobia and anxiety in the ER just about did me in. Again, daddy was there, so I needn't worry. One IV bag and a push of meds and I was back on my feet for the most part.

I had plans of sleeping as long as I could today to help clear my head. I did sleep for a while and then got the call from hubby that they were ready to release him. Which is great. Don't get me wrong. Just sooner than I anticipated. He is doing so well, he's up and walking about with a cane not a walker. At this stage in the game last surgery he wasn't even able to get out of bed yet. I'm so pleased. And the look behind his eyes has changed from fear and worry to those of hope and happiness.

Thanks again to all those faithful friends and family who have continued with prayers, well wishes, visits, emails, phone calls, texts, etc. We are so thankful for everything. And tired too. So now I'm off to night-nights.


Rosalyn said...

All good news! I am so glad that James is hopeful. I've heard the Johnny & June song and love it too. Our girls have grown up loving all music but we always had Country as the primary.
Talk to you soon. Love you bunches.

Lauren said...

Love You!