Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Going On

Little mini snippets of my happenings in bite sized pieces:

  • Still in escrow, may be able to close early
  • My right ankle is doing some funny crunchy-cracky thing AND I have to cancel my appt at the chiropractor this week. Shoot.
  • No recent headaches
  • Hubby leaves on a plane tomorrow for a few days
  • Have to set my alarm for 4am tomorrow morning. That's not that far away from right now
  • I told a friend I think if we were animals in a past life she was definitely a flamingo
  • I got a new pair of sassy shoes
  • Grandma bought Bitty a pink feather boa
  • It smells like old celery in my laundry room
  • I frequently get flowers from a gay male...sounds odd, but is the nicest thing
  • I got a friend a birthday card; I almost peed my pants and died laughing
  • I take big bebe to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital on Friday. We've been waiting for this appt since March
  • I have a bazillion songs on my ipod and I always listen to the same 5 over and over
  • A favorite friend is moving back to the area
  • I need to clean out my car
  • I'm refusing to get sick, strep likes my throat
  • I'm praying for a special someone (YOU!)
  • My computer cord is super funky and not working well at all
  • I'm anxious about packing
  • Mama Hen is my saving grace, again
  • I'm really missing mommy today
  • There was a mountain lion sighting at the mall---odd
  • I get to go to Sacramento in a few weeks and really hoping for appendicitis or similar
  • Bitty has music in her soul and rhythm too
  • I had a not-so-nice thought about someone today.....and then my eye started violently twitching
  • Still no dog yet. Go ME!
  • I am really excited about our new neighborhood
  • I am thankful
  • Night nights dear friends....

1 comment:

Gary said...

"A favorite friend is moving back to the area" -- but I never left. How can that be?

"I get to go to Sacramento in a few weeks and really hoping for appendicitis or similar" -- how do you feel about your Gall Bladder? Are you particularly attached to it? There's also ankle surgery!