Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures in MRI-ing

Oh my gosh I am exhausted. Not to mention being completely emotionally drained from putting on a happy "nothing's wrong" look on my face....Whoa. First mistake was not eating lunch before our trip to the hospital. Dumb. Big Bebe's MRI was scheduled for 545. We needed to be there at 445. When we got there they were running WAY behind. She didn't get into the MRI until 715. I do have to say that children's hospitals are definitely geared towards kids. Works out well, huh? They had someone come and meet with her and show her pictures of the MRI machine and play her sounds of what it would sound like. Very thorough, very comforting. But even though they were running late, she still wasn't allowed to eat. So we were waiting, patiently, hungrily. We finally got out of there around 845. Got lost leaving the circular shaped hospital. Realized it was a circle only after making the full loop and getting right back to where I started. When we went to leave the parking structure I couldn't find the parking pass thingy (LAME!) so I had to pay for parking. Had to fumble around in my purse to find 6 bucks. Add to that the fact that I was now SUPER hungry, tired, we needed gas, and I really can't see well, especially at night. I could barely make out the street signs in the dark and got lost. (Again) Then was looking at the bumper sticker on the car in front of us....I swore it said this:


But when I got close enough to cause an accident, it clearly read:


Hahahahaha. I pulled over at the next gas station and found my glasses before getting back on the road.

I'm feeling a little tension, a little anxiety. Worried about the MRI results, worried she didn't get all her homework done, worried I don't know how to find the highway, nooooo actually can't find the high way. I wasn't blessed with the gift of direction. Big Bebe is a trooper and giving lots of suggestions about how to find my way home. Thank you dear.

We find our way and inevitably get the night they are working on the road and down to one lane. Whatever. Just get me to food and I'll be OK. Get to a fast food drive through and can't find the money. I had it before to pay the parking attendant. Can't find it now. I hand my wallet and purse back to Big Bebe to look through while I turn on the light for her and try to place an order that I don't know I can pay for. In the middle of all this she says Hey Look! And I'm assuming it's the money. I turn around to grab it, and she's holding up a tampon from my purse. Mama, What's this? Seriously? Like there haven't been a million of these things under the bathroom sink, and NOW while we have no money to pay, mid-order in the drive through with other cars stacking up behind us and this is when she wants an explanation of a tampon!?!?! Gimme a break. I'm thinking can you please put that thing down and quit holding it up to the light? Goodness gracious child, give your mother a break.

Whew. Round 2 tomorrow....


Lauren said...

Oh Meggie! You make me want to laugh and cry with you!

Rosalyn said...

I agree with Lauren! What's going on with the number one bebe?