Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

I have had a GREAT couple of days. Mean Mister Migraine left, and not a moment too soon. We got our keys to our house on Friday and it was so walk back through the front door, but this time is was to OUR house. Hmmmmm. We ordered pizza and sat in our bare house on the living room floor. Sis-in-law Nicci (love her--wish she could be mine)came with us too and the girls danced and sang and twirled around.

FYI--NO that is not beer (Duh!) We are NOT THAT country. It's cream soda. Which Big Bebe promptly spilled right across the carpet onto the hardwood floor. Christening of sorts, no?

Then yesterday we had a girl's day for B's B-day with a few friends. Oh Lordy Lordy. What fun we had. I have NEVER been so pampered. Certain things were planned, and other things not, and it was perfect just the way it was. I attempted to get pics of our sassy happy toes (meaning I brought my camera), but did I remember to use it? NOooooooo. So pics of my soccer-ly mutilated chubby toes will have to suffice. =) (Doesn't this just scream, "please ladies have another pedicure so I can get a good picture?")

Here are a few quotes from the last several days. Some are funny, some are meaningful, and some are not:
*How can I miss you if you won't go away?

*I love my job....and my new medication

*I'd tell you to go to hell, but I work there, and I don't want to see you every day

*It's getting hot in here (and then someone put on earmuffs to avoid turning bright red)

*I think it's a window cleaner, like this, see? Ooohhh...helloooo officer....

*Mom it's just no fun getting ready in the morning if you're not yelling at us

*They were smooching on the deck, but I was watchin' 'em so it's OK

*Is that a sock?
*You're hormonal are you? NO! I meant, You're a HOME-OWNER you....promise!

Things have been lively, that's for sure. Onward to this next week. Thank God for a couple GOOD days to prepare me for the next few to come. I'll be with Big Bebe at Lucile Packard on Monday and Tuesday this week. MRI on Monday, results from labs and more tests on Tuesday.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can get through this next week, be a good mom, daughter, wife, worker-bee, not lose my cool, be patient, kind, listen well, love unconditionally, and be thankful thankful THANKFUL!

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Brittany said...

What fun to re-live the weekend! Hey, we could take individual pictures of our toes and piece them together...or just get another pedicure together!