Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just finished dinner, washed the dishes, folded and ironed all clothes for this week. Bathed the baby, and put her in fuzzy jammies. Put the big girls to bed with kisses and hugs. I'm feeling accomplished and rather domestic ...Ahhhhh....there is peace...
Keeping in the spirit of spa day yesterday, I decided, Hey... I'll put on that mask so my skin can be so soft, and check my email for a little before bed. I am feeling very much like this:
I'm typing innocently away catching up with an old friend. OH CRAP. There is something in my ear and it's moving and I turn and Big bebe is standing there trying to whisper something quietly to me (because Bitty is sleeping) and she was SO quiet I never heard her come in, all I felt was the breath in my ear and it scared the living daylights out of me. So I SCREAM...and then SHE SCREAMS. And she looks at me very perplexed..."You scared me, Mama." No, What??? "I scared YOU? You just creeped in here!" Oh and her little face is so worried. "But look at you mama, what's a matter with you?" Oh poor dear. Here I am feeling very serene, and I'm sure this is the visual she has of mama in a mask:

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