Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Great

I have just a few minutes here at home before I have to scoot (meaning an hour's drive) to pick up hubby from the airport. He waited standby for a much earlier flight, bless his heart, but didn't get on.

Spent ALL day at Lucille Packard Hospital (sub set of Stanford.) The news isn't great. Not bad bad, like dying bad, but not great. Met with a new doctor for big bebe. He's an MD, PhD. Good start. What we thought was one thing, might not actually be what it really is. More questions, lots of neurological tests, lots blood tests and urine test. You can't give that kid enough fluids to go pee on demand. Isn't gonna happen. She's starting a new medication tomorrow in case this is easily curable, which would mean it's metabolic. But here's the scary part-- she needs an MRI of her head and neck and a spinal tap. Oh flippity flippin flip flop. Ok enough about that. I can't dwell there right now.

In addition to the above..... my i-pod died, my cell phone ran out of juice, and on a separate stop I went to go by hubby's doctors for some paperwork. I couldn't figure out quite how to get there, but after a few turns this way and that, I found it. Paid for parking. Hiked across this BIG building to get to the office. As I'm walking through the door, I realize this is NOT the right office. I was wrong. It was the OTHER doctor at the OTHER facility. Fabulous. Let me just hike back to my car in 105 degree weather. Finally get to the right place, get the paperwork and now I have to pee like it's no body's business. Ahhhhh... there's no place to put my purse (no hook or counter) so I put it in the sink. THIS lovely place is very high tech and has SENSORS for their sinks and excellent water pressure. Do you know what that means? My purse was swimming and sinking. That mixed with the delightful cheerios and fig newtons I have crumbled at the bottom of my purse made a lovely pasty sloshy goo. Oh to be a mom on the move...

That's it for now...more later...

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Rosalyn said...

Sounds like A DAY! I didn't know big bebe had medical problems. Please keep us updated. We will be praying. Honestly I don't know how you don't POP!
I love you.