Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Letter

Dear Mean Mister Migraine-

Why do you torment me so? I can see you coming, creeping up. I try to humor you and it doesn't work, so then I turn around and run like hell trying to stay away from you. Can't you see you aren't needed here? Don't you know I have a lot of heavy things right now to attend to. You're getting in my way. I pretend you aren't there, but Noooooooo...... your feelers never get hurt. You always come back for more. The equally mean side of me wants to get you back so you know how awful this is. Trapped inside my own head, with the pain of a vice and the audacity of you to just sit there are mock me. Shame on you. Who is your mother? I'd like to have some speaks with her. Does she know you are up to no good? Didn't she treat you respect?

I like to think that I could be crafty enough to evade your presence. Apparently I haven't gussied up enough craftiness if you to keep tailing me like this. I've got a lot of better things to be doing than sitting here trying to make nice with you. Go away Mean Mister Migraine, GO AWAY!!!!

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