Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tomorrow is a very special day. My sweet, precious, lovie (ok... stoic, tough, rifleman) husband and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary tomorrow. 11 years ago (July 31st) was our first date. We were high school sweet hearts. Although we went to junior high and high school together, we didn't really meet until we were both interns at the local fire department during high school. Yes, hubby and I both had aspirations of fire careers, and even went off to college and took fire science courses together. The Lord has had different plans for us though. Sometimes it's been difficult, sometimes trying and ridiculously hard. We've tried to give up a few times but that too was not in His plans. I believe we are coming out the other side of these tough times. Our meager 9 years together has prepared our hearts in ways we didn't know possible. Looking back to the early days, everything is clear now. God's path cultured and scored our lives so that we could hold tightly to Him and to each other for the impossible feats we were about to endure. We have been so blessed.

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Jen said...

I love you two together. I always have. I'm so glad that through everything you guys are even stronger than when you started.