Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dirt, Camp and Crappy Keys

Picked up Middle bebe from camp...this is what she looked like. I said "please tell me you took at least one shower?" and she giggled, "yup, two." Well apparently God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. Talk about ring around the tub when she was done with her bath after that.

Then dropped off of Big bebe for her camp this after noon. After a few snafus she did get there. Can you tell she LOVES it when middle bebe insists on being in the picture too? DRAMA.

This little gadget: which some refer to as a key, has made my life hell today. HELL. So NOT feeling it. I love that I have a car that runs, has air conditioning, windows that work, and I am good about taking it in for tune ups and oil changes. Long forgotten are the times of old crappy cars that would poop out and hubby would jimmy it this way and that and it would run again. No such luck with these new fangled cars and their electronic computer crap. This only delayed what, 3 things today? A funeral, getting Big bebe to camp, and meeting with a group of friends tonight. Gimme a break!!! I wonder if it could have anything to do with this?

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Gary said...

4th picture down: I LOVE Big bebe's expression, that's just classic! Love it!