Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I like people. And I like that people are different and unique. I not only like, but I am genuinely interested in and respectful of people who are raised differently that I have been. I like to hear people's stories and have my eyes opened to a whole new perspective. It keeps my thinker thinking, my wheels turning, and I appreciate it and am so thankful that God made us individuals. I am amazed at the creativity and glory and joy that went into making each person.

I am also amazed that my views of a person can change so quickly. I make every effort to think of their alternate actions as being bad actions, but that that doesn't make them a bad person. The effort is there but I am failing at believing it...more and more often.

I can deal with and enjoy a wide variety of people. I don't need them to be just like me. But I am FLOORED when there is a general oblivion to life and to feelings. I don't think everyone needs to agree, but why do people have to be SO disrespectful? I believe strongly that it is imperative to live in the moment. TO BE PRESENT. I think our souls are already very vulnerable, and to not be aware, presents an entirely new avenue of evil to reside and make its way in.

To me what this means is don't be drunk, don't do drugs, don't seek any forms of mind altering behavior. It also means to me that we need to know our audience. And yes, it should be to our audience of One. But to me we are all children of God and if we purposely disregard the thoughts and feelings of those around us, then we are not honoring our audience of One. If we are oblivious to the life and needs of our fellow Christians, what are we being oblivious for? To keep our eyes on God? Does God want us to be oblivious? I don't think so. I believe we are called to be present and nurturing and obedient.

My struggle comes when I feel someone has intentionally stepped over the humane, respectful boundary. I don't know how to deal with them.

A friend of mine, I believe, has made a horrible choice, and her child was unfairly put right in the middle of it. She was oblivious to those around her and has severely wounded some relationships, including innocent, fragile child bystanders. It makes me sick. She may be oblivious to the outside world, but let me tell you, the world has a perfectly clear picture of her now.

I went to the movies with some friends for a girl's night out. There were 5 of us and we sat up near the front of the theatre. There was a homeless man seated just behind us. I didn't mind. I thought how nice for him to be able to get to take a break and see a movie. He quickly fell asleep and started snoring. This was annoying but I tried to remember that this is probably the most restful sleep he's had in a long time. THEN we hear what sounds like a soda spilling. Hmmm... no, turn around and this man is so drunk and has his peter out and is peeing all over himself and the seats around him. Seriously?

I work so hard to keep in the right mindset and be accepting and encouraging, welcoming and understanding of all people in all walks of life. And here are two totally different circumstances in the last 4 days that have me ready to throw in the towel. I do pray continuously that the Lord would have me know His will and that he would reveal, even a small portion of what I need to do, or what I need to learn in these situations. These are heavy on my heart. Like heavy HEAVY. I don't know what else to do. So I pray pray pray......

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Brittany said...

We need a spa day. Just sayin'. I hear you, I hear you, I hear you and am praying too.