Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MRI for Two, With a Side of Fear?

My MRI came back fine. I was hoping they wouldn't find anything extra or anything missing in my noggin. Lucky me, it's all just as it should be. The lab test though came back particularly skewed. Interesting. I think we're onto something here. New medicine, and more tests to come....

Hubby was at Stanford yesterday, and then had his MRI this morning. Before he even left the area, he was scheduled for a consult with his neurosurgeon tomorrow morning. Yikes. Crap. Shooooooot. The quickness and somewhat urgent nature of the appointment has me anxious. I'll be going up there with him tomorrow. This appointment could very well turn into a pre-op appointment and not just a consult. I think they are going to move on this ASAP.

Now my wheels are turning. I'm not worried per se. But more anxious and wondering how everything is going to play out. My boss knows that surgery will be soon, so that's good and work will be ok. I can keep tabs on things from afar, and I've saved up PTO. My bebes will probably be mostly at Grandma and Grandpy's, but maybe shuffled around a little amongst friends and Mama Hen's too. The big bebes will be ok, but what about bitty bebe? I think I'll probably have to get a hotel up there near the hospital. I just won't have the energy to drive that far away each day to get there. Or maybe I could bring bitty bebe with me and pawn her off to family who live closer to the hospital. Hmmmm..... His last surgery he was in-patient for 7 days. I anticipate this one will be the same, if not a bit longer. I had really hoped we'd get a small vacation in before all this. But then, I'm more of a home-body anyhow.

The real estate these days is really the buyers market. We'd also hoped to get into a home soon, and not just be renting. I think that too will need to be put off. I just can't fathom trying to do any of the looking, paperwork, or moving while he's laid up after the surgery. Maybe we'll get lucky and prices will continue to drop. Wouldn't that be nice? I don't even want to look at what's on the market, 'cause then I start to get attached and get my hopes up. Can't be doing that.

Hubby hooked up my i-pod to my car stereo. Very cool. Just short of driving myself insane with all the unknowns right now, I sang my little heart out in the car today while driving home from work. Good music, nice and loud, not a care in the world.....and now I've lost my voice. Hahaha. "Oh Meg, are you sick? You don't sound so great." To which I reply, "No just sang at the top of my lungs to beat them fears back into submission in this worry-wart head of mine. Thanks for asking!"

Ooohh my sassiness is back with a vengeance!

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Lauren said...

That's the sassiness I know and love! Keep it coming!