Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am scattered today. I almost peed my pants at work today because I was laughing so hard. I think it actually made a scene. Oh well. I couldn't help it. I did keep from peeing my pants, but surely laughed entirely too loud for a quiet, efficient business office. If I could only blog about what made me laugh...but I dare not. It's totally inappropriate. For shame!

My broken finger's splint now sports a sassy little soccer player on it. Really dressed things up a bit. I mean, if you have to have a broken finger, why not double the fun with a finger puppet? Right!?!?!?

Stopped by dad's today. When I pulled up I could see him in the kitchen window. I took a minute to make a phone call, and then went to go inside. The door was locked. Odd. I knocked. No answer. Usually dad will open the door before I even get out of the car. Not this time. I went and got the hide-a-key (shhhh it's a secret) and let myself in. Dad had been busy. He had ALL the fans going in the house and 2 new HUGE air conditioner thingies. It was like walking into a wind tunnel--really. I called "Daddy?" and he answered... "I'll be right there." A few moments later he appears in the hallway, wearing just his shorts. Cute. I said "are you hot" meaning all the fans. And he says "Yeah, I was doing paperwork at the kitchen table naked, but thought I'd put pants on now." Thanks for the visual dad. He kills me.

I saw this cartoon today and I was totally reminded of hubby. The effort's always there 110%, but sometimes things still don't go his way.
(Disregard bad grammar and inappropriate apostrophe.) It's still funny.

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