Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bebes

Do I talk about my kids enough? I always swore that I would never be that parent who cornered a friend with an accordion of kid pictures out of my wallet...and I never have. But I still talk about my kids far more often than I'm sure any normal person wants to hear. So be it. I like my kids. They keep me on my toes, keep my blood pumping. Although sometimes I feel like this:

Big bebe is at Grandma's. She's been home a week from camp and has spent 5 nights at Gram's. She's very much enjoying being a princess bebe up there. It's a slower pace than our house. She's getting very independent too, which is good. For a long time she was very timid and quiet. She's finally coming out of that shell a bit. She's making fairy houses with sticks and strings and fabric and anything else artsy she can get her hands on.

Middle bebe is quite the opposite. She's a thug. A big beautiful brute of a child, with the best tanned skin and bright blue eyes. She's going to be a looker for sure. She told me today she has another loose tooth (this would be the 7th or so in the last 3-4 months.) Great. She wiggles it for me and yes it's wiggly, but maybe has a couple days until it's good and ready to come out. I watch her walk in to the bathroom and try and yank it out. It's doesn't come out all the way and now there's blood everywhere. Gross. I cover my eyes and tell her she's on her own. As I'm walking away I also tell her that she better not ever get hurt because mommy can't deal with blood or guts. Does that make me a bad parent? Who'd think that my DREAM job is to be a nurse and work on a medi-vac? Maybe I should rethink that dream.

Bitty bebe is now a biter. She likes to sharpen her fancy new teeth on my collar bone, the edge of her crib, Gerber biter biscuits, her sisters, and now her bottles. I know we're not supposed to put babies to bed with a bottle, but some things just happen anyhow. Like this one. Now I'm really a bad parent. I'll get over it. So bitty bebe bites her baba so that the WHOLE BOTTLE leaks all over her bed. Then she'll whine because she's sitting in a puddle in the middle of her crib. Lovely. So when I make her a new baba I only put 2 ounces in (thinking I'm smart and going to out-wit this bebe.) I am wrong. Now she bites the baba but instead of drinking it she holds it upside down and WATCHES it ALL leak out. Who's child is this????
And why do they all have to be so darn cute?

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