Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whoa Cowboy!

Wow. I am tired but happy. That's a combo I'll gladly take. So tired, I'll let the pictures explain the majority of it all....

First...Hubby and I went and saw Jefferson Starship play Friday night. Not all of the original members, of course, but some of them and some new ones. They put on a great show in a small local venue. I LOVE live music. Love Love LOVE. Didn't get any pics of the band though, sorry....

Picked up Big bebe from camp today. She was all smiles and happy grime. it. Her pillow, though sent to camp white, came back brown-paper-bag brown.

Went to the Rodeo today. SOOOO much fun. Left bitty bebe with Grandma. It was an all day event, and never a dull moment. Hubby and I got hats today too--something we've wanted for a while. And when is a more appropriate time than a rodeo to get them??

The girls and I liked the barrel racing the most, and the kids riding the sheep a close second. Notice the glasses in this pic (my favorite, by the way.) I found it was too crowded on my face to wear the new hat and the glasses. Just before we left, I went to use the restroom. That restroom I'm afraid is the final resting place of those beloved glasses. I abandoned them absentmindedly on the top of the toilet paper dispenser. I don't think they'll be there if I return. =(

My dad came too. This was the pattern of the shirt he wore. Whoa. Really. Whoa. He made a special trip, about an hour away, to find and purchase this lovely shirt. Although it is of cowboy style and cut, the colors are very much channeling the 70's. LOUDLY!

Hubby should have been born on a farm 100 years ago. It's just his element. The last part was the bull fights. EEEK! Not my favorite, but absolutely fascinating...and SCARY! (Minor disclosure here: one man, a clown, in the rodeo did get gored and got a broken leg during this part. Really he could have died. Although I would never wish any ill will on anyone, there is some small part of me that thinks "Go Bulls!")

But I must say the most moving part of the day was before the final event. Some of the cowboys and clowns gathered in the middle of the arena, bent down, and said a prayer together. Nothing quick or fancy. It was a good long 2-3 minutes. I love this delicate yet not subtle outward expression of faith. AMEN!

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Rosalyn said...

Sounds like a great day for ALL! I love you! 0x0x0x