Thursday, March 4, 2010

Text Conversation With an 8 Year Old

Nat: Mommy where is my Nintendo DSI?

Me: I don't know. maybe in my desk at home? maybe desk drawer?

Nat: mom it wasnt werking, u sed you were going to try an fix it an tak it to get fixd.

Me: I remember we had that conversation but I wanted to look at it first. I haven't worked on it yet. we can look when I get home.

Nat: Can you look in the front of the car?

Me: It's not there lovie. sorry. didn't you and lu both taken them to grandmas last week?

Nat: No mom. you took it. war is it.

Me: Nat- I dont know. I didn't take it. It's not in the car. Can u call granma and see if you left it there?

Nat: Mom WAR IS IT. That is all I am ascing for

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