Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week: Recap in Pictures!

Two little ladies getting ready for a night out with Grampy:

New coffee mug thanks to a special friend.
Cute! But it gets even CUTER!!!
Hi there little buddy! So fun to see you swimming in here. =)
I think I love you!
And here is Miss Emi. Sick as can be. She had been fighting a cold for the past week. We usually just wait these things out. Let them run their course. Monday night she took a turn for the worse. She started coughing horribly, sounded like she was barking. Plus the fever of 102. Tuesday saw the MD. Should have started to see progress by today (Friday.) Nope. Worse. She couldn't kick the fever. The cough was worse, she was tiring too easily, and now wheezing pretty bad too. =( I should have gotten a picture of her getting her chest xray taken. It was so cute and so sad. Who knew they even made little shields that small? Anyways... little girl has pneumonia. She's pretty sick.

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Shoegal18 said...

UGH! I love your face, soo much. (And our new little addition to the family. Tell him that Jaffe says hi, okay?) Kisses!