Thursday, March 18, 2010

I See You

My sister-in-law in amazing. Just so you know. Amazing. I love her. And I'd like to keep her. =) Any suggestions for a fun blog name for her?

She and I met at Emi's appt yesterday. Lungs awful. Fever better. Breathing hard but not labored. Attitude is snappy. And lots of poopy out. Atta girl. From the previous night (whatever day that was, I don't know what today was, and didn't blog yesterday) Emi was then on 3 antibiotics, 1 steroid, and 1 inhaler. But it was too much for her. She'd throw it all up. Every time. Any concoction or variation thereof. And when she was over that, she refused to put anything back in her mouth. So the doc cut back the meds, doubled one dose of antibiotics, and stopped the steroid. The inhaler at home wasn't helping much anyhow, but the in-office nebulizer treatments are when we really start to see Emi gain a little strength back. So her doc sent us (sis-in-law) home with one from the office. Awesome.

So Sis-in-law took Emi home, and has Lu there too. Meanwhile Nat and I left late yesterday afternoon for Santa Monica and that is where we are now. Got my first speeding ticket yesterday. That was not that awesome. My karma and my manners and acceptance of responsibility were in full force. I did not try to weasel my way out of anything. Enough of that going around right now.

Yes I did take a picture. I was feeling as tho this was the most invincible thing I could do now that I got pulled over going 90 in a 70. Yikes! The officer was nice. I did not tell him my sob story of where I was coming from, where I was going to and why, or all the other in between stuff. As dad said before, "You just let your horse get away from you there." Needless to say... didn't make stellar time getting down there. It's ok.

After that I was bit flustered, very on guard, ego a little bruised, blah blah blah. Needed gas, and food. A hundred miles later or so I finally feel out of harm's way and stop for these things. Gas first. Food second. Went thru the fast food drive thru. Ordered. Paid the money. Drove away. Got to the end of the building and realized..... shoot... we're out of windows. Where the heck is my food? Oooohhhh . I flip into reverse (because I am awesome like that) and try to steer back to the last window, which is always SUPER fun, especially when you have an audience of fellow patrons watching you out the window (roughly 2ft from said driving area.) It's distracting to see the lights pop on in their heads, when they realizing what I'm doing, and I'm trying to drive backwards, and contain myself. I get to the window in a wobbly backwards kind of driving method. The lady at the register looks at me, and me at her, and we just about die laughing. After THAT, she finally says, "Well, hello there." We laugh again. THEN I get my food. There we go.
Dad seems good. He has been walking a lot and getting new routines down. We went today and he got hooked up for round two of chemo. It took a long time. Maybe this wasn't the best idea to bring an 8 year old. =(We did go and see Avatar in 3D this evening. It was SO good! I heart Avatar. A lot. And I think I need to see it again. The 24 hour chemo bag seems like a good idea, but one just can't get used to it. It's heavy, awkward, in the way, attached to the body, easy to leave behind, easy to get tangled into a belt, and it likes to beep and try to make you guess why. Oh well. It's only for 24 hours.
Here is Nat in the tub before she lost all her marbles.
She forgot to put the shower curtain into the tub, so a ton of water was on the floor of the bathroom. When I walked back in and found it, I asked her about it, and she was sad and embarrassed, and then pretty darn hostile. The hostility part really brought the decibels up and I tried to gently remind her that there were other people in the hotel rooms next to us who may not appreciate hearing her cry so loudly and angrily this late at night (11pm). Then she looks at me and glares and says (apparently for my dad's benefit) STOP HITTING ME! Ya know, I hadn't thought about that yet, but now come to think of it, I would like to smack..... Stop. Breathe. How do you do that again? The breathing thing?
I think I need to go back and see Avatar.
Night night.

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Brittany said...

Seems like your new car is attracting an awful lot of attention lately. :)