Friday, March 19, 2010

Day II, Round II - Complete!

Dad BEFORE the 68th birthday celebration:
Now to Dad DURING the celebration at Bubba Gump's..... I told the waiter it was his birthday. Oh it was so fun. The guy goes away, then comes back, turns around and makes an announcement to the ENTIRE restaurant that this young gentleman is 16 today and is going on to pursue a career in dancing, but needed to make one last stop to work his moves out for a crowd. The waiter (a big white guy...) broke into a rap... "Ahhh PPPP and chhhhh a pppp a chhhhh... Shake your booty! Shake-Shake your boo-tay! Shake your booty, shake shake your boo-tay!" Dad just stood there so still. I think he was scared. I was a little scared for him. The waiter now grabs the mic and starts clapping his hands saying he's just going to get louder and louder until dad will shake his booty. Hahahahahah Then he did it. Yes. Dad shook his booty. This was the tail end of that:
Dad sits down and tells me: " You set me up." Oh yes I did. I tell him that he needs to remember his 68th birthday for something other than chemo. I have succeeded. Thank you very much. One point Meg.
All went well chemo-wise.
From the home front: sis-in-law is tending to Miss Emi who is finally starting to show signs of improvement.
Meanwhile, she is doing some of her own improvements (with the help uf Lu... and a shop-vac) to tell those mean scary spiders they are not allowed there anymore.

One last night in the hotel, then we are headed home-home.

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