Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiny Lil Update

Sorry for the delay in posts. This won't fill in all the gaps, but it will hopefully tide y'all over.

  • Nat and I got Dad home from Santa Monica
  • Emi's continued breathing treatments have seen her thru the worst part of the pneumonia
  • I am now really REALLY sick.
  • Got home Saturday. And it hit like a ton of bricks on Sunday nite. Felt awful.
  • Worked Monday. Felt worse.
  • To doc on Tuesday. Temp 104.8 and rising. Oh it was baaaaaaad =(
  • I have bad pneumonia now too.
  • Lu turned 11 in there somewhere too.
  • For the first time today tried to make it out of the house with sis-in-law (still taking suggestions for blog names!) and barely made it home. It was going so well. And then it wasn't.

Tons of pics to post later and updates about Dad (who is doing fine.) Off to the land of Tylenol-pm, coughing every breath I take, and lots and lots of sleep.


Anonymous said...

You should have told Yo,Momma that you were sick. We would have fixed you up with more Margaritas and made you feel all better. I'm glad you are feeling better, but please take care of yourself.

Love to You,
Yo, Momma

Lauren said...

Love you.

Brittany said...

Yeah for Tylenol PM! Take care of YOU!! And I'm with Yo Momma, tell us these things and we'll help! :)