Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sickie Still Sick

She DID make it thru the night without an ER dash. But Emi did need another check in with her doctors, and she needed another breathing treatment this afternoon. Doc said her lungs sound just awful. Shoot. Her O2 and her coloring do perk up considerably after a treatment, but it only lasts a few hours. And so we wait... and listen....

In the meantime, Nat and I are planning to go to work and school, respectively, and then drive to Santa Monica tomorrow. That'd be Wednesday. Dad is scheduled for round II of Chemo to start Thursday and end Friday. Then Dad, Nat, and I are to drive home-home Saturday. This is all pending at least Emi's condition staying stable in the next 24 hours. Otherwise, I think we're on something like plan S by now.

On a VERY human note, I almost decked a guy outside the grocery store today. I think my nerves, lack of sleep are catching up with me. Emi and I stopped to get milk on the way home this evening. She was tired, and cranky, and feeling sick, and all very rightfully so. She refused to ride in the basket. She insisted on walked her little tired, pale body thru the store. She sobbed the entire time; not a whiny cry, just a done-with-the-day kind of sob. She REALLY wanted to carry a gallon of milk out to the car, but I wouldn't let her. It is too heavy for her. We needed to get to the car. We get just outside the doors of the store and she just melts into sobbing and tantrums, she MUST carry the milk. Nope sorry. Then a man who is out there every.single.day with his darn clip boards of petitions that I don't care about says OUT LOUD (to Emi, to me, to all the shoppers walking by) "Oh you MEAN OLD MOM! Come here honey and I'll give you a lolli-pop." To which I replied, "Oh hell no." Admittedly not my most delicate moment, but it did shut him up and Emi stopped all her fuss too.
Oh how I need some sleep.
Nighty nite!


Lauren said...

((HUGS)) and I'll deck the guy for ya if you need me to.

Brittany said...

And weren't you wearing some ass-kicking boots yesterday too? The guy was lucky. :)

Keidi said...

Ohhhhh Meggie- I'm praying for extra-mama-and-daughter strength for you. Are you getting breaks from all this caretaking you're doing? Bless you, bless you!