Sunday, February 28, 2010

On The Road Again...

Sunday Morning is it? Whoa. That means we've been here for a week already. Amazing how time flies when you're having fun, er.... um..... sarcoma?

I tried to convince dad last night that he should name his tumors. Really? Like what?? I said like SOB1, POS, SOL, etc....I thought it was funny. and I wasn't joking either. He didn't think it was that funny. But it was also 3 in the morning. I don't think anything could have been funny to him then.

Yesterday's events and progress include:
  • checking out a new hotel for dad's 3 weeks stay
  • checking INTO that hotel
  • all meds sorted
  • packed from old hotel, unpacked into new hotel
  • bought dad a belt for his chemo contraption
  • did a load of laundry
  • programmed numbers into his cell phone
  • Here's the BIG one: Got dad a lap top computer! (this is SO exciting especially considering it took him forever to get a microwave, color TV, and VCR...)
  • Did the set up of the new PC
  • Loaded Norton, Word, Excel
  • Provided shortcuts to these, and Internet <-- 2 am
  • blah blah blah
  • this is where I started making jokes that apparently weren't funny
  • For the record- I still think they're funny
Ok. I'm going to face this day. Take a shower, put on clean clothes, eat something, and drive home. Home home. Can't wait to see my babies.

Dad seems well. No major side effects from the chemo yet. Here's some clarification though about his cancer: Originally thought to be Giant Cell tumor of the bone. But it's not. It's Giant Cell Sarcoma which they tell me is different. It has metastasized to his lungs. 4 masses on the left lung. They are confident that it is the same cancer, and that it started in the wrist.

Okie doke. I need some pancakes and then I'm outta here. (Back in 3 weeks to see dad through next chemo and then bring him home....)

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