Friday, February 5, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here. Still alive. Still alive and kickin. My lack of blogging does not equate to lack of chaos. Usually it helps me to blog about the chaosity of life, but this time... not so much. Here a few pictures from the last few weeks:

Kids at Tahoe!

Emi and Baby Babe P

New CAR!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder from a fabulous friend. Keeps me heading in the right direction.

Now this one is special. At church last Sunday the Children's Time was The Mission Impossible theme. Pretty cute. Well last week was rough. Really rough. And this week was worse. A Few mornings ago, I got up and this is what I found on the computer. The top of the pizza lid with this note: "I have a mishin for u... go to the kitchen... go to the microwave---> then look on top. Do not eat it... EAT IT NOW!" God bless her. Lu knows when I'm having a hard day, and she was sure keyed into this one. She made me brownies. BROWNIES!!!!! Oh and they were so good, and yes I found them in the morning, and I SOOOOO had them for breakfast!

More later on the far side of hibernation.


Oh, and I chopped my hair. Like chop chop suey chop. It has lightened my load considerably. I'm hoping the remaining things I haven't killed off will follow suit.

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