Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Update

Ok... news first... then the pictures...

Dad had his pro-time blood test this morning (This is a test needed to check the clotting factor of his blood. He is currently on a blood THINNER, and so those meds have been stopped, so his blood can 'bulk up' per se, so he doesn't bleed out during surgery.) We needed his INR (results from pro-time test) to be at 1.5 to be able to proceed with putting the port-a-cath in tomorrow. Well, tests came back at 1.57. That's kind of crappy. The interventional radiology doctor who would place the port-a-cath will decide tomorrow if he thinks they can go ahead or not. The idea being that the 1.57 would continue to drop over the next 24 hours and get to 1.5.

So Dad is to show up tomorrow to St John's at 9am for a port-a-cath placement at 11a. If the doctor doesn't feel comfortable putting the cath(long term) in, we are hoping he could at least get a PICC line (short term) put in so chemo can be started tomorrow.

We were in Dr Chawla's office for more than 2 hours today as dad had his blood tests done and other missives. I couldn't help but have flashbacks. Here were all these patients lined up, in various states of illness, in chairs hooked up to all sorts of medications. =( Last time I was in a place like this it was mom getting dialysis. But this time it's going to be Dad. Just like this. I don't think I like this. So I just kept my head down and buried in a book. (I need to add here that I have a few, very close friends, to whom I can ask the hard questions. Friends who can hear my pain and hold me close even when I don't say the words.... this was one of those times...for which I am considerably blessed.)

While Dad and I anxiously waited for the INR results, we decided to sight see a bit in Santa Monica... We took our self portraits on the Santa Monica Pier. Dad, as a rule it seems, always looks puzzled in pictures ;) silly guy.
We walked leisurely along the pier. We stopped and listen to the musicians, who were amazing. We watched the trapeze artists and the kids on the ferris wheel. We stopped and bought little trinkets for my girlies back home.

Then we ate at Bubba Gumps and Dad was fully impressed with all the BG paraphernalia. =) HE wanted to read ALL the signs, get ALL the jokes. Heh. So we then ate ALL of lunch and ALL of dessert. See :

From back on the mountain tonight comes this little pic of Miss Emi pie. The caption attached was: "Why me in the sink?" Hah. Love this kid. And the dear friend and sister in law who loves me and my kids enough to stay with them this entire week.... so the kid routine can stay as routine as possible, so they can sleep in their own little beds.

Another side note (this really is how my brain functions.... all these wild tangents....).... my boss, whom I adore and respect a whole bunch.... jokes(ha ha but not really) that my car is the dirtiest car in the parking lot at work. Ok. It is. I live up in the sticks in Boulder. If I could get a sassy benz with 4 wheel drive, I really would. I would rock that. And it'd be rad. Anyways... he's offered to wash my car before. I have always turned him down. Isn't that wrong to have your boss wash your car?? So then he's said that for my birthday or next suitable occasion (and he actually said "and I hope you don't take offense to this...") that he was going to buy my a car wash gift certificate...
.... ok then.... fast forward to TODAY and all this chemo/cancer drama... dad and I are finally driving back from our afternoon at the pier.... and I get pulled over. I know I wasn't speeding. I know all my lights are working. I didn't cut anyone off. I didn't run a red light. So really I'm not that worried. TWO officers get out of the LAPD car behind me, approach my window slowly. He asks about the plates on my car. I explain I just bought the car a few weeks ago and the plates aren't in yet. I gesture to the sticker in the front window, which is my proof. He kind of laughs and says "How long have you had the car?" I reply "About 3 weeks I guess."........pause........ he's still looking at the sticker thingy I pulled from the window.... and he out right laughs..."looks like you've had this car for YEARS! Go get is washed ok? Have a good day." OMG. Hahahahahahaha. What are the chances? Point taken. Less than a block later I pull into a car wash. My restitution adequately now paid. Heh.

These were all lovely distractions from what is really going on. I am grateful for them. But when it gets right down to it. Dad has cancer. He is starting chemo tomorrow. I want to hit the easy button. And just hold that sucker down. Please?


Lauren said...

Only you can take me from crying to laughing out loud to crying again in just a few sentences. Love to you both.

Brittany said...

I'm with Lauren. Crying, laughing and crying again. Remember, you are loved.