Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday- done

Up early early --- done
Port-a-cath in --- done
Recovery --- done
Chemo started--- done
Home (hotel) later than we ever expected --- done

Dad's pumped full of anti-nausea meds. The chemo is supposed to make him feel icky. Though with this new kind, he's not supposed to lose his hair. He is wearing his 24-hour chemo bag; we'll go back tomorrow to have him un-hooked. We are very tired. It's been a long, long day... with MANY laughs... I'll try to remember to post about them tomorrow. We are quite the pair: he and I. Not decidedly sure we should be left alone... but it sure is funny. =)

night night

ps... INR this morning was 1.3. YAY for clotting blood!

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