Friday, May 30, 2008

Sweater Story and a Question

The Migraine has surrendered! This one took an entire week to run its course. I feel good. Not just ok. I actually feel good today. And I breathe a deep sigh of relief......ahhhhhh....

Today did hit a rough patch, but I took it in stride: stood my ground, said my piece, didn't let it get to me, and raised my left eyebrow a little at the end and thought... Ah ha! Crisis averted.

Still keeping with the silliness of the last several days though, is another nice little ditty you might enjoy. I had 2 BIG meetings today. They went fine. I felt confident, asked questions, gave answers. All was good, and I felt good, couldn't complain. Picked 2 of the bebes up from school after that later in the afternoon. The middle bebe climbed in the front seat, gave me a kiss and scooted on back to the back seat. The big bebe then climbed into the front seat and buckled in. Then middle bebe says, "Mama, how come your sweater is inside out?" REALLY!?!?!?! Umm, Shoot! Yes, totally. I made it through the day with my sweater on inside out. Who does that? Was my tag sticking out? Yes. Were the seams totally noticeable? Yes. Completely. Ha! Why does no one say anything? Special. I am special special special.

So now here's the question part. Not really related to the previous bit, just a little. So when a body has a fever, it's because the body is fighting a bug, a germ, an infection--something foreign that should not be there. Similarly, if one get a splinter, the body will try to expel it. Also same with food poisoning. The body will reject the bad food and try to rid itself of it. Each of these also involves pain or discomfort while the body tries to make things right. So---here's the question. If we can compare the migraine to these, then what is the body trying to overcome or get rid of? And also what is the migraine's purpose? Hmmmm...ponder that and let me know what you think. =) Happy Friday.

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trinity said...

I love you. I totally had my shirt on backwards all day just a few weeks ago. No one bothered to mention it. Maybe they just know we are super trendy and cool, and did not want to look like they were not with it. Thinking that we were just starting something new. Probably not, but heres to hoping.