Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love Love Love...Things that I Love

1. Chai
2. Especially from Fin's
3. When Bebe #2 says "wubble-u" not "double-u"
4. Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt
5. Painting my toes
6. Having my toes painted by someone else
7. Writing cards to friends
8. Especially for no reason
9. Photography
10.Doing laundry
11. Yes laundry
12. After living without a washer and dryer for SO long...laundry is fun
13. So is doing the dishes if the dish soap smells yummy
14. Nachos from Taqueria, (and that spellcheck thinks I'm trying to spell 'daiquiri' not Taqueria)
15. Dessert made from scratch
16. Mama Hen
17. My Sanity
18. When I can find it... I really appreciate it
19. Poetry
20. Littlest bebe when she laughs
21. And when she babbles like she's in a debate
22. And she's cracking herself up right now cause she's farting
23. A lot... and it's loud and smells rank.... and she likes it
24. Middle bebe's tenacity
25. Biggest bebe's timidness
26. When biggest bebe told me I was 'skinny'
27. And I was in shock
28. And then she explained 'so MUCH skin'
29. It wasn't the same after that
30. Funny-yes, but the same-no
31. Fresh veggies from momma's garden
32. Soccer
33. Watching my bebes dance
34. It's so fun and abundantly pure
35. Milk
36. With a lot of chocolate in it
37. Chocolate
38. Even without the milk
39. Sneezing
40. Cause it makes my headaches go away
41. Long walks
42. Long drives
43. Long drives with good music
44. Live music
45. Pressed flowers
46. Fire Fighters
47. Marines
48. And the hubby who is both
49. My job
50. Piano piano piano
51. Now if I could just figure out the guitar
52. Football games
53. Sunny sunshine weather
54. And being outside
55. And in the pool
56. Okay not in the pool or the ocean either
57. But just close enough so it's LIKE I am....but not
58. My anniversary
59. In July will be 9 years
60. New socks
61. Not so much new shoes tho-- they hurt my feet
62. New shampoo
63. Parades-- when they are small and meaningful
64. Airplanes
65. Like fighter jets I think are the coolest
66. Tho I don't like ANYTHING about fighting
67. Scrap booking
68. Day dreaming
69. Reading the newspaper
70. But not online, cause then I feel Lazy
71. I always read it on line
72. A good book
73. That I'd rather read than go to sleep
74. Sleep
75. I don't get enough of it
76. Don't have any idea why
77. Watching old movies
78. Being silly
79. And uninhibited
80. Singing
81. Singing loud and uninhibited
82. While staying on key
83. Cause if I don't, I start laughing
84. And then it's not pretty it's just loud noise coming out of my mouth
85. My home
86. Not for what it has, but for what it is
87. It's my home, not just my house
90. Painting
91. Pottery
92. Purposeful conversation
93. With good, good friends
94. Quiet, peaceful, simple prayer
95. Hindsight
96. And what I can learn from it
97. My eyes cause they are just like my momma's
98. Having 99 things to LOVE and smile about today
99. And knowing there is SO much more, so I'll leave 100 blank, cause this story isn't over yet

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