Thursday, May 15, 2008


I read this book "Intercessory Prayer" by C. Peter Wagner several years ago. I just got up and pulled it back off the bookshelf....on the cover it says: How God can use your prayers to move heaven and earth. When I was reading it way back when it was like a last ditch effort. The book taught me a lot. But more than that...something just clicked. I was already a "believer," and what I took from this book just brought me to a new level. Prayer is amazing and powerful and strong and captivating. I haven't figured out (and I DON'T think that I am meant to find out necessarily) if it's that prayer has influence, or if it's that once one prays openly and honestly that the vision changes and one can then see the good in what might have seemed impossible. Hmmm. I like dwelling on this.....

A friend prayed for me, with me, on Sunday in the midst of my heart being very heavy. We prayed for peace specifically. And it was good. Peace came. Not right away, but fairly soon after. And it has continued. I still feel like things are spinning around me, but this week I've been able to breathe and be peaceful through it all. I had a chance to thank this person tonight. What a blessing to have friends like this.

Another friend (also a Christian) has a very heart right now. She called late last night and said "You were the first person I wanted to call." And I thought, fancy that... that works out well because I know what to do, cause it's just been done for me. And so I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. Her news is devastating:a hit and run accident that killed her friend's 2 year old and left the mom in the hospital. I know that what I am called to do is pray for her, and her friend, and the friend's family, and even the person who caused the hit and run.

I felt challenged today though, spiritually. "How can you believe in a God when He let's things like this happen?" ......I'm sorry, what? Don't ask me that. Okay, fine --do. And I'll tell you. Defending God makes my blood boil. I feel invincible and feisty and BOLD. I never feel bold. And I like it. And I write that with a little smirk on my face too. =)

Maybe this too is part of the missing piece I've been hunting for. Not being invincible for selfish reasons. But being invincible and feisty and bold in the name of the Lord. Not by dismissing or belittling another's view, but by sharing what God has done for me and those around me. Being courageous with the backing of God pales in comparison to anything else. But don't take MY word for it. I didn't die on the cross. Take His word, and see what mountains he can move for you.